Friday, December 02, 2005

Shakey's Pizza

When I was still in the Philippines I used to eat at Shakey's. For I like its pan pizza better than Pizza Hut's. Though, I could say that Pizza Hut's pizza is also okay.

Over here in Singapore, there's no Shakey's only Pizza Hut. That was why I was so happy when I visited KL for over there they have Shakey's.

Wow! I really enjoyed my pan pizza.


Lani said...

Hi, Kayli. I also love pizza from Shakey's than Pizza Hut. Yummy ang thin-crust pizza nila. And siempre ang mojos at chicken talagang very juicy.

Hay, kakagutom talaga.

Luchie said...

uyyy, pareho tayo. dahil dito kasawa na si pizza hut talaga...