Friday, August 15, 2008

Laksa & Chicharon: great, just for a moment...

chicharon (pig's skin)
Yes Virginia, chicharon (photo grabbed from iska of and laksa, a local dish from Singapore, are great for me. Why only for a moment? Oh, surely you know why. Those two are really tasty but rich in sodium and saturated fats. If I have them here right now I have to eat them away from my husband or else my husband will be tempted to ask for even a bite of that forbidden chicharon or a teaspoon of that rich sauce of laksa.
So for just a moment though only in my dream, I better savour that salty taste I was longing since then, since that fateful December morn. Hmm, luckily I have this blog of mine. I can focus my eyes on these photos. I can again say: " great even for just a moment, even in my dream".