Saturday, August 19, 2006

Almost paradise???

For the past weeks, I’ve read about the issue whether Singapore is really a foodie paradise. I’ve read in the newspaper about a man’s comment that those people who say that Singapore is a foodie paradise don’t know anything about food or uninformed. OUCHHH!!!!

Well, what is a paradise in the first place? According to my Little Oxford dictionary, paradise is a delightful place. So it goes that a foodie paradise is a delightful place for food lovers.

Is Singapore really a foodie paradise? It depends on the person who’s saying it for delight is a feeling that differs from person to person. That man may not see his own country as a foodie paradise but persons like me who may know nothing about food may see his country as a foodie paradise because of the simple truth that we have individual differences thus our differences in perception and in particular, tastes.

Well, considering that I really know nothing about food, then I should better change my blog title. Since I am delighted easily, can I name my blog, Pinay in Singapore, A Paradise Lost? Accch, not nice!!! How about if I change the title to Pinay in Singapore, an Almost Paradise? Wahhh, it is not nice also.

You know what, when I went to eat in Regency Mills, a shopping mall in Virginia, I discovered this Singapore eatery, which serves Singapore food of course. Seeing those Caucasians who queue for their orders, I felt proud, for Singapore food is an aspect of my everyday life here. The fact that the food over there was lagging behind as my uninformed palate dictated to me, I could just imagine then how those people would react once they tasted the real local food here.

Paradise is also a place where things that delight you are within your reach. I remember when we were in living in Hong Kong, Tuen Muen in particular, there were nights that we as a family wanted to go out to eat. Imagine us, being used in Singapore to being able to eat out even in the wee hours, and then there in HK where it was so difficult to find an open restaurant nearby at that holy hour. We almost always shouted: “bring us back to Singapore!!”

So STOP it people. For me, Singapore is still a foodie paradise. And my blog title remains the same.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Happy 41st!!

Today is National Day, Singapore's 41st birthday. That is why it is a public holiday today.

The photo above is called Popiah. It consists of fresh veggies like turnip and cucumber. It is mixed with grounded peanuts too. has that tangy and hot taste . In short, it is a completely different experience when you eat it.

Since Popiah is one of the local dish that captivated my palate, it is just natural for me to post it as my Singapore food for the day.

Happy Birthday Singapore!!!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Steamed Red Grouper

When we (my husband and me) went to the wet market, we saw fresh red grouper. My husband decided to buy 2 pieces which cost ten dollars only. When we discussed on how to cook them, I automatically suggested that we better fry them for our two daughters like fried fish only. My husband said that he wanted to eat a healthy meal so he wanted the fishes to be steamed. And why should I try to fry them when just two weeks ago I had burnt my hand with hot oil while frying? Oh, it left an ugly mark on my hand, very ugly!If only you could see. But surely I'll not photograph my hand now, for the life of me.

Anyhow, my husband volunteered to cook the fishes for us. He steamed it and did put some garnishings. As you can see, there are sliced young ginger, young onion leaves, garlic and sliced onion which my husband sauteed first. What a combination!

I asked my husband why he did not ask the fish hawker to cut the fish head, for you know he don't like to eat the head every time. He explained that it is not nice to have a steamed fish which is headless. Steamed fish according to him should always be steamed whole. And I agree with him.

Just look at his steamed red grouper. They look soooo delicious. You see, my whole family ate with much gusto. My youngest prepared a sauce with a combination of vinegar and soy sauce. And hmmmm... What a nice meal we had!!!