Monday, January 23, 2006

Dial A Pizza

Sometimes, it is also nice to eat pizza at home. Like the time when we were so lazy to come down. We just dialed a number and presto in a few minutes, the delivery man came with our order. What's so nice with this is that you can also order both KFC chicken and Pizza Hut pizza together.

Look at my super supreme pan pizza. So delicious. We enjoyed eating while watching American Idol last Thursday night.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Coconut Cookies, Saba Fish and Fish Fillet

coconut cookies

saba fish

fish fillet

Over there in Laguna, I used to eat the "uraro". It is a kind of cookie that is made from coconut. I really missed that uraro from Laguna. Since, it was wrapped individually with white Japanese paper, I used to take a lot of pieces and consumed it while no one was looking. They used to teased me that "ipinaglihi daw ako sa niyog." Though, I really got irritated that easy by the teasing of my 4 elder brothers, I really did'nt mind. Though you know, I was "pikon" during those times.

And luckily here in Singapore, they have the coconut cookies. Last Hari Raya Haji, I ate a lot. Coconut cookies taste almost the same as my Laguna uraro.

Fish is also my likes. To be honest, I like galunggong better than the red snapper. Unfortunately, there's no galunggong here. So I just see to it that I eat any type of fish I can set my eyes to.

When we went to Scotts Road, we ate at the Food Court there. I ordered the Saba Fish from Ed's Fish. It was good, though it tasted a little bit bland. I think it is not salty enough.

Well, my husband ordered the Fish Fillet, as usual. As much as possible, he likes to order fish without the head. "Ang arte!!!!" He told me that his British friends in Hong Kong used to ask him why Asians like to eat fish with head. "Eh, bakit nga kaya???"

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thai Foods

Phad Thai
Stir Fried Vermicelli With Prawn
Olive Rice with Minced Chicken
A Set : Phad Thai, Tom Yum Soup and Thai Root Crop Dessert

I really like Thai foods. That is why whenever possible, I like to eat at Thai Express or Siam Kitchen at Causeway Point. Though the price at both restaurant is a little bit high compared to ordinary food court, you can't complain really for the taste is really so good.

But I discovered a restaurant with affordable and yet delicious Thai food. The Waan Waan Thai restaurant in the newly opened Republic Food Court in Wisma Atria serves the most delicious Thai foods here in Singapore.

Just look at the above photos and you'll know what I am saying. Hmmmm. How I wish to go back and eat there this weekend.