Monday, November 28, 2005

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak Stg Sambal

Nasi Lemak Ren. Daging

These two dishes are both Nasi Lemak from Mek Kelante in KLCC food court. It was a delight eating Nasi Lemak. I ate the one with fish while my husband ate the one with beef.

I posted this Nasi lemak for Thess who wrote that she misses Nasi Lemak as she is now in Europe, Netherlands in particular.

And for those who love Nasi Lemak, these food photos are for you too!


thess said...

Ate Luchie, alam mo bang wala akong time mag blog hop right now pero bigla kitang naisipan bisitahin and maybe because I'll find this entry, OMG, NASI LEMAK!!!

I've found a nasi lemak paste few weeks back and I'm itching to prepare it.. can't do it just yet because I'm on a strict diet...pero once I've reached my targeted weight, I will make this. Can you tell me more about the beef on the side, please?

thank you for posting this..*HUGS!!*

(phwew! naglaway ako, honest )

kayli said...

sarap talaga ng nasi lemak and with different variation. that beef ang lasa ko eh tulad ng lasa ng beef dun sa mechado.

Ellen said...

I love nasi lemak!! That's mostly what I ate when I lived there. I love the fried chicken version. I've tried replicating the coconut rice but it never seem to taste the same :-( I wonder what the secret is??

kayli said...


I used to frequent Causeway Point too!! Do u happen to live in Woodlands or Sembawang? I loved the chicken chop at the Causeway Point food court. I thought they were the best....How I wish meals were as cheap here in melbourne. Would u believe I have to pay three times as much to get the same dish here in oz? I'll be going back to singapore in june next year and I plan to gorge on my favourite foods.......hehhehe....:-)

Hi Ellen!
I pasted your other comment here from my email. Don't know why it never appeared here.

So you stayed here also. Singapore is really a food paradise. A lot of food to choose from. And all nice. I think you are mentioning the chicken rice here.
I am here near Admiralty.
Hope you'll enjoy the food in causeway Point next June.
Thanks for the visit.