Saturday, May 20, 2006

Mother's Day Dinner

protod gratiem (soft shell crab)
gaykeaw wan(green chicken curry)
tom yum soup
tao hoo song krueng (tofu)
Siam Kitchen
nuer phad numman hoy (beef)
plamueg kua prig kluer ( calamari)
On Mother's Day, my daughters invited my husband and me for dinner at Siam Kitchen in Causeway Point. As they know that I like Thai foods, they brought me there. It was great!!!
Above are the Thai names of those foods. Correct me if I mispelled them.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Swedish Meatballs

Last time we went to IKEA , we ate at the IKEA Restaurant. As usual I ordered the Swedish meatballs. I really like their cream combined with that strawberry jam. So savoury!!!

And of course, our meal was not complete without the fried chicken and a tin can of Green Tea.

Next time you visit IKEA, don't forget to eat at their restaurant. The long queue you would endure would be compensated dearly by the nice tasting food. And that I can guarrantee you.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Desserts and Dumplings

Bo bo char char
red ruby

It was Polling Day yesterday, therefore a holiday. And what a day to relax also. In the morning, my husband and I went to the food court for our breakfast. We had teh tarikh and of course roti prata. There were a lot of people enjoying their breakfast before going to the poll station.
And oh, we spent the morning also by dipping in the pool below. I enyoyed swimming with my husband for the first time since it was the only Saturday morning we swam together.
Before the day ended, we went shopping in Woodlands. I bought new bedsheets, Aussino bedsheets. And what better way to end our shopping than to have our desserts. Yeah, desserts only for we had big meals at home.
Those desserts are just ordinary ones here and only cost$2.oo per serving. But mind you, they are special to me for they almost resemble the ones we had in the Philippines. Bo bo char char comes in cold and hot servings. It resembles our ginataang kamote. The red ruby and lychee almost taste like our rainbow. And the dumplings. Wow!!! So yummy especially as it was served hot.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Pork Liver Steak

I intended to join the Lasang Pinoy 9. I wanted then to cook pig blood stew or dinuguan in our lingo. The problem was that I got no idea where to buy pig’s blood here in Singapore. Honestly, for the long years my family stayed here and I visited markets, I had not seen anybody selling pig’s blood. I knew that I could also use the chicken’s blood instead of the pig’s. But as you see, here in Singapore, we buy fresh chicken that are already dressed. Unlike in Hong Kong, I could buy live chicken from the market and the chicken vendor would dress the chicken for me and would give me the blood so I could cook my dinuguan.

My daughter informed me that according to her Filipina colleague, canned dinuguan available in Lucky Plaza stores could also be used. Since I got no time to drop by there, I was not able to cook. Luckily, we were invited by the same lady to her daughter’s birthday party at Hume Condo in Bukit Timah. They prepared dinuguan. Unfortunately, when I was to take a shot, I noticed that I forgot to bring my camera. So “goodbye na lang sa dinuguan..” One thing, the round-up was already up before April ended.

I really like cooking and eating offal or lamang loob. When we went to NTUC this morning, I saw fresh pork’s liver. I decided to cook pork liver steak. My family ate with gusto. Sarap daw!!! Sige na nga, masarap na!

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