Saturday, May 12, 2007

Vietnam Tidbits

I was attracted by the colourful packaging of these snacks/tidbits from Vietnam. I was surprised that the Vietnam I knew before is different now especially with its improving economy. And imagine, its people can produce eye- catching packaging for these simple food items. It seems to look classy. What do you think?

But how about the taste of these tidbits? Ahh, I concluded that food snacks from South East Asian countries are almost always the same. And with regards to taste, those from Vietnam are okay. Though, I still prefer those from my country, the Philippines.

But look here. These sweet potato chips are good. With a colourful packaging, it complements the real sweet taste.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Buffet at Siam Kitchen

Two Sundays ago, my youngest invited the whole family (4 of us) for lunch after the Sunday Mass we attended. She got a monetary reward from her company where she works as a Software Engineer. As a very good daughter, she wanted to share her blessing.

When we went to the restaurant of our choice, we decided to have a buffet lunch. Was it worth it? Based on the menu given to us, we could say yes. Why so? Oh, we were able to taste those that we never normally order when we go there to eat. Just look, it was really worth it.

So visit the Siam Kitchen now and enjoy their mouth watering dishes....