Friday, December 16, 2005

LP 4.5: Puto Bungbong

I am so happy visiting Jeff's site for he's posting photos of things he sees while on vacation in Manila. One of those is this photo of the puto bungbong.

As you all know, puto bungbong is a Filipino delicacy associated with Christmas. During early dawn of the Christmas season in the Philippines, foods are abound in the streets. For after the morning mass called "Simbang Gabi", (note: during my childhood days, the simbang gabi were celebrated in the evenings) people who attend mass are welcome outside the church with an array of food to eat that are all affordable.

My favourite then was the puto bungbong. Not only that I liked its colour of purple for it was made from purple yam, the shredded coconut with white sugar or at times white sugary sauce tasted heaven on my mouth. A real yummy!

With Jeff's photo of the puto bungbong, I feel I am in the Philippines eating it with a happy and contented heart. And with a vision of a purple mouth, who can beat the feeling I am having right now?

NO TO PLAGIARISM. I believe on that. We should give credit where credit is due. And so I would like to thank Jeff for giving me the go signal to use his photo of the puto bungbong.



Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...bad! Ang daya naman. Miss ko na ang puto bungbung!

Karen said...

They're saying Mass in the evenings again!

I'm confused, di ba puto bumbong is made from purple rice called pirurutong? Haleya ang made from purple yam, di ba? Whatever, nagutom po ako, hehehe!

kayli said...

ay nakupo!!!
tama ka puto bungbong from malagkit na rice at ang halaya yung sa purple yam.
bobo na yata ako. but anyhow, i really like puto bungbong.
and thank you for highlighting this Karen.

Lani said...

I also love puto bumbong, I know inggit na inggit ka, Kayli. Sana dito ka sa atin ngayon, sarap din ng bibingka (bad ko 'no ininggit pa kita :)

But I don't want the taste of puto bumbong in Baliuag, Bulacan. They put anise (di ko lang alam kung seed iyon or extract) in their pirurutong (as what Karen said). Although, pwede rin namang i-request sa kanila na huwag lagyan ng anise ang order mo. Medyo kakaiba kasi ang lasa.

kayli said...

I also like simple plain puto bungbong. and ayoko rin ng may anise seeds.

Anonymous said...

I just returned from a trip to the Philippines and was overwhelmed by the beauty of your country. I did not get to try this particular treat but did have some small candies made from the purple yam which were absolutely delicious. My favorite treat was the bibingka as well as the leche flan.

kayli said...

Thank you for highlighting my country's natural beauty. You are right, bibingka and leche flan are our pride too.My daughter's frinds, from all races here, have tasted her leche flan. And like you, they liked its sweet taste.

stef said...

oh my! nainggit naman ako! to be honest, i didn't like puto bumbong growing up and usually ate it just because it was there and i might as well take a bite.... but now i miss it like crazy! thanks for joining us for lp4.5!

kayli said...

It is surely an honour being a participant in Lasang Pinoy, Stef.