Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Getting Ready For The Holidays

Now that Christmas is approaching, my book Complete Guide to Food and Cooking will be a great help for me in preparing our Noche Buena and Media Noche.

Me and my daughters are already discussing on what to prepare, on what ingredients to buy and what dishes to cook. We eve came to a point wherein we were weighing on whether to travel to a neighbouring country and spend the holiday there. But then, our being Filipino became more dominant among us. We decided to spend the holiday at home for isn't it nice to cook and eat food at home together?

So, I am already browsing this book of mine.

And last Sunday, we went to NTUC for we wanted to eat fish this time. We bought 2 white snappers. I paid SGD 12.00 for these 2 white snappers.

I read the Fish Doneness Test on page 166 of the book. And of course I didthe test with my white snappers.

To test fish for proper degree of doneness, insert the fork tines into the fish. Then twist the fork gently.


When the fish is opaque, begins to flake easily, and comes away from the bones readily, it is properly cooked. The juices should be a milky white.

My white snappers passed the test. And ubos nga eh!!!!

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