Friday, November 11, 2005

Ice Kachang & Char Siew Wanton Noodle

Ice Kachang

wanton soup

Char siew noodles

I went to Causeway Point last Saturday. After buying some food stuffs in Cold Storage, me and my husband decided to went upstairs and eat at the food court. As I was not that hungry, I just ordered this noodles. It is called Char Siew Wanton noodles. It is a common dish here in Singapore and is cheap for it costs only $3.50 per dish. And it comes with a small bowl of wanton soup.

Compared with our very own pancit bihon and pancit canton, this noodle is cooked without oil. Though I like eating noodles that give me that oily taste, this noodle is not a disappointment. It tastes really nice. And as they say, it is healthy.

I was not able to stop myself taking spoonfuls of my husband's order, the Ice Kachang. As you can see, the ice is poured with that red and green coloured syrup and with evaporated milk. It is almost the same with our own Scramble. The only difference is that there are red beans, grass jelly and whole kernel corn inside. So it can be the same with our halo halo too. Only, our halo halo is more special as it has more fruit ingredients and has ice cream topping.


annabanana said...

hello kayli!
thanks for the link...have a good weekend! ;D

kayli said...

thank you annabanana!

Ellen said...


I used to frequent Causeway Point too!! Do u happen to live in Woodlands or Sembawang? I loved the chicken chop at the Causeway Point food court. I thought they were the best....How I wish meals were as cheap here in melbourne. Would u believe I have to pay three times as much to get the same dish here in oz? I'll be going back to singapore in june next year and I plan to gorge on my favourite foods.......hehhehe....:-)

u8mypinkcookies said...

char siew noodles w/ wanton.. yummy!! :D