Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Lasang Pinoy 3: Buko Pie & Fish Balls

I could not access my site yet where I used to post my entries and where friends know where to find me.

This food blog of mine was born out of my feeling for that blogger who commented on my site that I decided to hibernate for a while. But then I really would like to continue posting on this site of mine though I haven't made this site public.

Since I could not access my previous site yet for reasons I really don't know, I am posting my entry for LP3 here.

The theme for LP3 is about street foods.

With food, I always remember my birthplace, Laguna. Where coconut trees are abound and is known for its scenery, craftmanship and hospitable people.
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And of course my province is well known for its buko pie.
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During my college days, whenever we would be going home, I always prayed then that my brother would take the route to the Laguna Expressway rather than the route to Antipolo, so we could stop in Los Banos or Calamba, Laguna to buy boxes of buko pie. Though it took more hours for us to take the Laguna route going to my small town, it was okay for me for all the travel pains were gone from the smell and of course taste of my buko pie.

I am not sure if buko pie is considered a street food since we can buy that from stores along the highway. My concept of a street food is something peddled in the street. If that is so, then one of my favourite is the fishball.
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When I got married and bought a house in a place in Rizal, street foods became so prominent on my sight that I also became a "suki", meaning a regular customer. How my daughters loved those fishballs with a choice of different sauces. My daughters loved the sweet tasting sauce while I always asked for the sweet and sour one.
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Luckily, my daughters and me can still eat fishballs whenever we wish for there are a lot of fishball brands here in Singapore. What we missed a lot are those sauces. Everytime I make one, the taste could not match the excellent sauce we tasted there in Rizal.

So for our next vacation, humanda kayo buko pie and fish balls with those sauces!!!!

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stef said...

hi kayli, another one of those things i hated as a child, but now as a mom i make it for my kids and LOVE it -- though i still need to work on my recipe; it's quite good but more french-american style so i need to make it more pinoy. if you have buko there we can develop a recipe together!

kayli said...

i'm sure your recipe is very good . sad to say, walang buko dito. meron lang yung galing thailand pero the nut is for buko juice lang.so hindi sya pwede for buko pie.
i really miss buko pie.

Kai said...

Hi, Kayli, I always want to visit UPLB, where my brother used to study, so I could eat buko pie! We also used to bug the conductors at Tritran which stopped at Diliman to buy buko pie for us.

Lety's is now available at SM Megamall, but I still like lining up at D'Originals and carrying the hot original!

Thanks for joining LP3! Here is the link to the round-up of the event, http://bucaio.blogspot.com/2005/10/lasang-pinoy-3-round-up_28.html

Hope to see you in the succeeding LP events!

Kayli said...

Thank you Kai for the info.
For sure I'll be joining the next event.
Congratulations for your excellent round-up.

schatzli said...

soon i will hook you up after the 20th nov am back hopefully

kayli said...

Thank you schatzli!
I miss you, really...hopin' you know who am i.