Monday, October 10, 2005

Cheddar's Cafe

Cheddar's Cafe is an all American restaurant in Newport News Virginia. It is one of our favourite place to dine. We like their Onion Rings very much. And everytime we go there we see to it to have that Onion Rings in our list. Their Onion Rings is the best I've ever tasted so far.

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The place is just fine with enough parking space for customers.

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I like that potato. So yummy. Though I forgot how they call it.

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My eldest oredered this salad. The first time we ordered this, ubos lahat!

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This chocolate cake is something! I asked for 4 spoons.
Dapat lang siyang ubusin!

I highly recommend Cheddar's Cafe.Not only for the food but for the place itself

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Anonymous said...

This is Taamy, from upstate P.A. Just wanted to say, I lived in Hampton for 6 years and the only thing I miss... my chicken ceaser pasta salad! Coming down next week, planning on making my first meal with Cheddars! Thanks so much for great food and an amazing staff!