Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Microwave Oven Baked Salmon Fillet

I cooked this meal by accident. I had limited time to cook this afternoon as I need to meet my husband at Causeway Point. You see, I need to cook special for him for the reason I already stated in my previous posts. So when I opened my fridge, I saw two packets of salmon fillet. Since the fillets were frozen, I tried to thaw them in my microwave oven for 4 minutes as I pressed number 4. To my dismay when I opened the microwave oven, the fillets were not thawed but were instead cooked a little. So I told myself, I just better continue on baking. I then melted two spoons of margarine, two spoons of frozen honey in a half cup of hot water with two spoons of lime juice. I poured it on my salmon fillets which I garnished with grated carrots and baked for another five minutes. After that, I garnished it with onions and tomatoes. And presto! I already have a very nice meal not only for my husband but for me and my daughters too. At the same time I was able to prepare salmon in a different way. So this is a discovery I am really proud of!

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