Friday, July 25, 2008

Baked Cod Fish with Baby Corn

Surely you noticed the baby corn as photographed above. Those baby corns were brought fresh in small packages from Prime Supermarket. Do you think they look fresh in the photo above? Of course not as they look so dry. Why so? It is because I baked them together with the cod fish. You see in my desire to cook something different for my husband, I decided to bake the baby corn instead of serving them fresh. It was a total mistake on my part, that I can honestly admit. Fortunately, my husband said that it was good. Yes, the baked cod fish with baby corn turned out to be a fantastic meal. Wanna try my recipe?
By the way, you want to know more about baby corn. Here are some information courtesy of Wikipedia.
Baby corn is a cereal grain taken from specialized corn (maize) plants and harvested early, while the ears are very small and immature. Baby corn ears are hand-picked as soon as the corn silks emerge from the ear tips, or a few days after. Corn generally matures very quickly, so the harvest of baby corn must be timed carefully to avoid ending up with more mature corn ears. Baby corn ears are typically 4.5 cm to 10 cm in length and 7 mm to 17 mm in diameter. Many varieties of specialized corn plants are used to produce baby corn, which is an important crop in Thailand and Taiwan. [1]

Baby corn typically is eaten whole—cob included—in contrast to mature corn, whose cob is considered too tough for human consumption. Baby corn is eaten both raw and cooked, however cooking does not change its culinary and physical properties significantly; the texture remains relatively the same, as does the taste, whether raw or cooked. Baby corn is most common in Asian cuisine.

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