Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kurau Fish with Broccoli

This morning I went to Shop & Save. As I went to the Fish and Meat Section, I noticed the kurau fish for its prominent white meat. I told myself that I should better try cooking that fish for my husband even though a package of only one fillet was priced at SGD 4.95. So with the sarsiado recipe in mind, I decided that kurau fish which is understandably from the waters of Kurau in Malaysia would be the best fish for my sarsiado. The moment I reached home, I prepared the ingredients at once. Though sarsiado should have no veggies with it, I included broccoli as my husband needs green vegetables. It was of course a wise decision as broccoli added a captivating charm to my cooked dish. My husband said it was perfect. Surely, I agree. Do you think so?

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