Saturday, March 18, 2006


This is called turon, bananas sprinkled with brown sugar, wrapped with lumpia wrapper and then fried.

My sister-in-law bought a lot and spend thirty pesos only on our way to their farm in Laguna. The bananas were so tasty and I really ate a lot while watching the animals like turkeys, chickens, ducks, horses and pigs.

When my daughter's friend who is a Malay saw this photo, she got so curious and asked how to cook it.

Of course, my daughter taught her how to cook the tasty turon. And now, just looking at this photo, I can already envision the crunchy lumpia wrapper. Hmmm, I better say bye and prepare cooking my turon.


Theoretical Cook said...

Wow, what a yummy looking bunch of turon. I love turon, especially when there are slices of langka in between the bananas...Yum. There are also versions that have cheese inside. Ive never tried cooking turon, but please update us re your version.

kayli said...

Thanks ms. theoretical cook for the visit. ay sarap nga din ng turon na may langka.
my version, eh ipriprito lang naman di ba...