Monday, January 23, 2006

Dial A Pizza

Sometimes, it is also nice to eat pizza at home. Like the time when we were so lazy to come down. We just dialed a number and presto in a few minutes, the delivery man came with our order. What's so nice with this is that you can also order both KFC chicken and Pizza Hut pizza together.

Look at my super supreme pan pizza. So delicious. We enjoyed eating while watching American Idol last Thursday night.


barangaysingapore said...

wow ayus tong site mo ah.

maiforward ko nga kay mrs para mainspire magluto ng ibang putahe.

keep it coming ang sarap!

kayli said...

thank you sa visit.

Ellen said...

This pizza looks scrumptious! I love anchovies and pineapple on mine. hehehe. my fave pizza brand is domino cos of its thin crust and simple flavours. hindi nakakabusog kaagad! so i tend to eat more of it! lol

Lani said...

Kayli, sarap talaga ng pizza. Bili ako kapag gumanda ng pakiramdam ko.

Take care.

kayli said...

hi ellen and lani! sorry ngayon lang ako nag reply for i just arrived from the phils. yipee!! i ate all those food. and there were a lot of delicacies sa metro market Market in Global City. hayy sarap!!!