Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Chicharon, my pulutan

My pulutan, the chicharon

I was not able to join the LP 6. I already had the chicharon on my mind as my entry for the theme pulutan. Unfortunately, I was not able to take photo of the chicharon my eldest and I used to eat over there in Williamsburg. I was then so amazed of the availability of this Filipino stuff over there. And most of the time we used to buy 3 to 4 packages with different brands. And would you believe, the brand of chicharon from Mexico also tasted good, almost the same as the chicharon from the Philippines. Only, I was not able to take even one shot of the chicharon.

And here in Singapore to buy such a foodstuff, I need to go to Lucky Plaza in Orchard Road. I told myself that surely, I can post my entry once I already have one. But then I became so busy and then we also flew to the Philippines. Fortunately, I was able to buy the chicharon in Metro Market Market in Taguig, Global City.

Our family is not really fond of drinking wine. We do drink only on occasions. Though we always have bottles of wine at home, they are mostly for display or for consumption when there's the urge to drink.

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But there's one drink that I drink everyday and makes my chicharon a real pulutan, my tin can or bottle of coke.

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Lani said...

Hey, Kayli, lakas makataba ng coke pero sarap talaga katerno ng chicharon.

kayli said...

naku di ko nga mapigilan talaga si coke, eh addict nga kasi.
thanks lani sa visit.

stef said...

oh my gosh, nalaway naman ako sa chicharon mo, kayli! waaaah!!!!

kayli said...

naku, gusto ko nga ulit kumain ng chicharon, stef.