Friday, June 13, 2008

Ampalaya Con Carne

My husband is progressing well since he survived brain accident or stroke. Since he already recovered, already concentrating on his functional skills and wishes to gain weight, he requested for a pork meal. So I went to Prime Supermarket and bought some food stuffs without any recipe in mind. And these are what I bought. Look.

Can You guess what I cooked? Remember, I used less salt and oil with my cooking. As you can see below, I used Pan salt which has lower sodium and Olive oil.

Your guess is right. I cooked ampalaya con carne. Just look below and see my ampalaya con carne straight from the casserole. Sarap tingnan di ba?

So what is so outstanding with this meal I cooked? The ampalaya of course. You know why? They are midget bitter gourd from Thailand. And as its name implies, the taste is really bitter but challenging. Yes, you will be challenge to take some more bites. I'm not joking. You can ask my husband. And he will surely tell you that my version is the best.

Joking aside, bitter gourd is really good for health. That is why I see to it that I include this vegetable in my cooking once a week at least. And I choose the midget ones than the big common ones. Why? The small ones are more nutritious. I think.

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