Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pizza Hut Home Delivery

Last Friday, I got lazy. I was not in the mood to cook for our dinner. You see, only my youngest and me were at home. My husband was over there in Vietnam and my second had an appointment to attend to. Surely, with only two persons at home, cooking dinner would not be that challenging. Actually we intended to go down and eat at the nearest food court, but going down made us lazy too. So the final decision was to dial Pizza Hut for a home delivery.

I could say that eating pizza especially from Pizza Hut is a fantastic idea. But spending SGD 24.00 for those food items is not that fantastic. Wahhh! I really don't want to be lazy anymore.


InspiredMumof2 said...

I know, sometimes I get lazy too. But I don't order Pizza Hut anymore, after I bought the frozen pizzas from the supermarkets. They're so handy! Just keep in fridge and bake them in oven or microwave. In 15 minutes, your pizza's ready. They are good too. Try the Ristoranti pizza range series, I personally like the spinache ones :-)

kayli said...

Thank you for the visit inspired mum. yeah, it is a good idea to buy those frozen pizzas too. the best part is, wecan choose our own toppings.