Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Chicken Macaroni Salad

During the past years, whenever my daughters have examination, I always see to it that I cook pasta for them. Since my youngest will have an exam tomorrow, she requested a chicken macaroni salad. How can I decline my bunso? I told her that I will prepare the best for her.

The problem was I have not cooked or prepared that salad for a long time. And I already forgot how to do it that well. My problem was easily solved as I searched the net on how to prepare it. I read the pinoy cook’s post about it and another one from allrecipes.com. Guess which recipe I followed? I combined the two. Though those recipes and their cooking are excellent, I could not say that about mine. Wahh, I am not a real good cook kasi. But you know what, my chicken macaroni salad turned out to be good. I am proud. Just look at the photos above….Puede na di ba???

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Celpaby of Red Dot Pinoys said...

Nice pics... nagugutom tuloy ako....