Sunday, August 06, 2006

Steamed Red Grouper

When we (my husband and me) went to the wet market, we saw fresh red grouper. My husband decided to buy 2 pieces which cost ten dollars only. When we discussed on how to cook them, I automatically suggested that we better fry them for our two daughters like fried fish only. My husband said that he wanted to eat a healthy meal so he wanted the fishes to be steamed. And why should I try to fry them when just two weeks ago I had burnt my hand with hot oil while frying? Oh, it left an ugly mark on my hand, very ugly!If only you could see. But surely I'll not photograph my hand now, for the life of me.

Anyhow, my husband volunteered to cook the fishes for us. He steamed it and did put some garnishings. As you can see, there are sliced young ginger, young onion leaves, garlic and sliced onion which my husband sauteed first. What a combination!

I asked my husband why he did not ask the fish hawker to cut the fish head, for you know he don't like to eat the head every time. He explained that it is not nice to have a steamed fish which is headless. Steamed fish according to him should always be steamed whole. And I agree with him.

Just look at his steamed red grouper. They look soooo delicious. You see, my whole family ate with much gusto. My youngest prepared a sauce with a combination of vinegar and soy sauce. And hmmmm... What a nice meal we had!!!


JMom said...

oh my, ginutom na naman ako! you're right, steamed fish tastes best with the head on.

kayli said...

*JMom, and mas maganda sya pag may head di ba?