Friday, July 28, 2006

Singapore's Hokkien Mee

I just came from my course and I met my husband near the MRT for us to eat in the Food Court. Since it is Friday and my 2 daughters have their own meetings with their own sets of friends, me and my husband decided to eat out by ourselves here in Family Court. Of course the food here is cheaper as compared to other eateries. But still the quality of food here is not bad. Just look at my "Hokkien Mee". So nice!! It is a local food here in Singapore and it costs only SGD 3.00.

You may say that it looks pale and not that tasty. Don't be deceived by its look. Hokkien Mee tastes so nice. It has pork, scrambled egg, prawns and squid. It is made tastier with a portion of sambal sauce. Combined with that mee, both white and yellow, it is already a wholesome meal.

Wanna try my Hokkien Mee?

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