Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mee Goreng and Teh Tarikh

Mee Goreng
Teh Tarikh
man doing the "action"
man with glasses of teh tarikh
a new discovered place to dine

Months ago, the Horizon Food Court in Causeway Point had a major renovation. So when I went back there some months ago, I was impressed of the place. It is now more spacious and attractive. Well, there are now new stalls. And one of those stalls is this Teh Sarabat. Thay have delicious mee goreng that tastes so good though it seems to burn my tongue. Soooo hot! Comes with it is the teh tarikh. You may wonder what it means. It means pulled tea. So you see the man on photo above? He's pulling the tea that high. Terrific!! And the end product: a well mixed and nice smelling tea with milk. Wanna try???

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