Monday, May 01, 2006

Pork Liver Steak

I intended to join the Lasang Pinoy 9. I wanted then to cook pig blood stew or dinuguan in our lingo. The problem was that I got no idea where to buy pig’s blood here in Singapore. Honestly, for the long years my family stayed here and I visited markets, I had not seen anybody selling pig’s blood. I knew that I could also use the chicken’s blood instead of the pig’s. But as you see, here in Singapore, we buy fresh chicken that are already dressed. Unlike in Hong Kong, I could buy live chicken from the market and the chicken vendor would dress the chicken for me and would give me the blood so I could cook my dinuguan.

My daughter informed me that according to her Filipina colleague, canned dinuguan available in Lucky Plaza stores could also be used. Since I got no time to drop by there, I was not able to cook. Luckily, we were invited by the same lady to her daughter’s birthday party at Hume Condo in Bukit Timah. They prepared dinuguan. Unfortunately, when I was to take a shot, I noticed that I forgot to bring my camera. So “goodbye na lang sa dinuguan..” One thing, the round-up was already up before April ended.

I really like cooking and eating offal or lamang loob. When we went to NTUC this morning, I saw fresh pork’s liver. I decided to cook pork liver steak. My family ate with gusto. Sarap daw!!! Sige na nga, masarap na!

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Lani said...

Sarap talaga, Kayli!

Anonymous said...

halos pareho tayo ng entry. mine is chicken liver steak. sarap ano? i also though of using pork liver for LP9....


imee said...

i was looking for a recipe about pork liver and i just found your liver steak and thats look awesome and yummy..


kayli said...

thank you imee